Pre-order “Troll Snot”! Also, Album Update!

Hey all, Orc Adams here:

I have some exciting news! You can now pre-order “Troll Snot” at the below link!

It costs $2 and you get an instant download of an exclusive bonus track, “Troll Snot (Instrumental)”. Plus, the single will be emailed to you on Friday. While the single will be available on all digital retailers on that day, the bonus track is exclusively available on Bandcamp. Happy listening!

Also, the plan is for the next album (currently “untitled”) to be released in April or May of next year. The digital version will have 10 songs, but the CD version will have 2 additional bonus tracks. The album is nearing completion, 7 songs are 100% written and the rest are very close to being finished. Not long now hobbits…

But yeah, pre-order the single!

Keep Orc Rock Alive!

Orc Adams


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