New Show, Show Update, and Future Shows

A new show has been added!

Oct. 19 @ Elks Lodge, Keene, NH

This is a benefit show with all the proceeds going to help Jackie Clark receive treatment for lung cancer and tumors. As an added incentive, i’ll be playing an extra long set with some less-heard tracks sneaking in.

Show Update: Reclamation Fest (Sept. 29th), will not feature national headliners, due to booking complications. It’s still a full day of underground metal, so you should definitely come out!

Future shows:

Many of you already know that I gig often, an average of 2-3 per month. While I am committed to the gigs I have lined up between now and the end of October, I will be easing up on the gas pedal (likely) through 2014. Unless an insane opportunity presents itself or I get a mini-tour together, ORCumentary will be playing (at most) 1 gig per month. With this in mind, I still want to hit as many different areas as possible. If i’m coming to your area, don’t wait; the Orcs will likely only gig in your state (avg) once every 3-4 months, and probably not at the same venue as before.


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