New Interview!


Alternative Control interviewed me a few days ago. The full interview can be read below.

Here are a couple excerpts:

Alternative Control: You are Orc Adams, the sole soldier in the army ORCumentary. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Orc Adams: Greetings, foul human!

AC: What I want to get into is the world your music takes place in, but let’s begin with the music itself; do you only play keyboards?

ORC:  Yeah, just keyboard. I’ve been known to carve flutes out of elf bones, but as of yet, I haven’t had the opportunity to showcase this skill to the world.

AC: Well you certainly achieve a massive sound, despite that. Everyone I talk to about ORCumentary asks why you don’t enlist more servants to trumpet Gor-Nacular’s glory. Is it because of your derision for every other race of beings, that you go it alone?

ORC: Thank you. ORC started in 2006 as a way to combat boredom and somehow it really clicked. Especially these past couple years with the Praise Gor-Nacular EP and onward, people are really getting into the music, and people come up to me after the shows and say how impressive it is that I am a solo performer. I’m pretty lucky that things have worked out like they have so far. I’ve considered putting a live band together once or twice, but ultimately I’ve decided to stay solo. The only way I’d work with a live band is if I were to do a special show or if I were to get signed and the label said “Get a live band.”

For the record, I am not seeking label support at this time, and don’t plan on it. I want everything to be 100% me for as long as possible.

AC: That’s interesting, considering what drives a lot of musicians is precisely that; get signed, get on the road. What makes you hesitant to embark on that voyage?

ORC: I’ve heard so many horror stories about how signed bands get raped by their labels, whether it be money-wise or music-wise. This isn’t always the case, of course, but it’s much more important to me that I make the kind of music I want to make than it is to achieve ‘fame’. ORC has been my creative outlet for 7 years and I am extremely hesitant when it comes to letting anyone else have a say in what goes on. While I do enjoy playing shows, ‘life on the road’ is kind of scary for me. I’ve done mini tours, but I like having stable income. As un-metal as that sounds.

AC: A sound argument, and a noble decision.  If the leader of the orcish armies can be said to be noble…

ORC: I wouldn’t say I’m ‘noble.’ On my next album, I have some very under-handed tricks up my sleeve for conquering the Dwarves.

(read more at the above link)


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