ORCumentary Hoodie Pre-Order!

full-size image at orcumentary.bigcartel.com

Click to see full-size mockup

The chill winds blow from the mountains. The goblins seek shelter from the cold. What better way to keep warm (and simultaneously repel goblins) than with an ORCumentary hoodie? Looks awesome, right? Well (as I always say) put your money where your mouth is! This is without a doubt the coolest hoodie you will ever come across (and you’ll be in Gor-Nacular’s favor all the days of your life). Place your order today at:


This might be the only ORCumentary hoodie design ever made. In order for this to become a reality, 25 pre-orders must be placed by 11/30. IF 25 PRE-ORDERS ARE NOT PLACED, THEY WILL NOT GET MADE (and all pre-orders will be fully refunded). Should the hoodies get funded, I will likely have them in stock by mid/late December, and they will be shipped out shortly after.

The “Pick Up” option should be self-explanatory, but just in case: if you would prefer to save yourself a shipping charge and meet up with me at one of my upcoming shows (listed below) or if you live close enough to my hometown [Newington, CT] then please select the “Pick Up” option. The regular price on this option is lowered, and when combined with the “shipping price” will equal the correct amount for the hoodie.

12/20/2014 – Cook’s Cafe, Naugatuck CT
1/17/2015 – Dusk, Providence RI

As an added incentive, if you pre-order a hoodie, you will have the opportunity to purchase any ORCumentary shirt and the “Orcs 1 Goblins 0” album for only $5 each!

International orders, please send an email to orcumentary (at) yahoo (dot) com for a shipping quote.

Let’s keep orc rock alive!


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