New shows, booking assistance needed, and Daisy Berkowitz show recap!

Hey all, Orc Adams here,

It’s been a long time since my last post!

First off, I had the honor of doing keyboards for Daisy Berkowitz (founding member of Marilyn Manson) in addition to playing with ORCumentary earlier this month. Learning 13 songs in roughly 5 days wasn’t as difficult as I thought, and playing with a full band was a lot of fun (only the second time i’ve ever done it).

Here’s a good recap of the event, for those unlucky enough to have missed it:

A release date for the new album is on the horizon…but in the meantime, there are a bunch more shows to announce!

May 21 @ 91.5 WUML Live Set and Interview, Lowell, MA

June 13 @ PowerFolkMetalBellyDanceFest, Buffalo, NY

June 27 @ The Wreck Room, Peterborough NH

July 26 @ Cherry Street Station *Posidemic ‘Ntertainment Anniversary Show*, Wallingford CT

July 31 @ The Cantab Lounge, Cambridge MA

Buffalo is a hell of a trek from central CT, so i’m looking to play a show on the way up there on Friday, June 12th. Suggested cities include Albany, Rochester, or Syracuse. If you have any leads, please have them email orcumentary (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks!


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