2016: ORCumentary’s final year


After nearly 10 years, 3 albums, an EP, and over 150 shows in 7 states, it’s time for me to return full time to the Orc Lands to keep the inferior Elves, Men, Dwarves, and Goblins in line. This means that 2016 will be ORCumentary’s last active year. I’d like to thank everyone who’s supported my musical endeavors over the past (almost) 10 years, whether it’s just coming out to a show, booking me, buying merch, sharing my music, what have you. It’s been an amazing run. I’ve been to so many places, met many great people, and shared the stage with great bands. None of this would have happened if Gor-Nacular didn’t choose me as his hero of Orc Supremacy (or without the support of all you lovely humans).

All seriousness aside, you may remember I said a couple years ago that I was going to end ORCumentary, only to go back on it a few weeks later. The time wasn’t right; I couldn’t end ORCumentary then because I had at least one more album left in me. That album has been recorded and released (Destroy the Dwarves), and the time is now right. I will, however, continue to support DtD through the end of the year. With that album out (and due to a number of other reasons) the best orc rock band in the universe will be “disbanding.”

Is this the end forever? An odd show here and there may happen, but they will be few and far between if they happen at all. As for any new ORCumentary music or a return to “active” status, it’s extremely unlikely. It’s difficult to make it “official” but I’d like make a statement like this rather than “see what happens” to give anyone who wants to see ORCumentary live the chance to do so before “the end.” Booked shows are below. More will follow.

April 2 @ Tavern on the A *Berkshire Metal Fest* Pittsfield, MA
May 13 @ The Wreck Room, Peterborough NH
May 14 @ Cook’s Cafe, Naugatuck CT *Fantasy Metal Night*

ORCumentary’s 10th anniversary (November 19th) falls on a Saturday, so I am considering a 10th Anniversary / Farewell For Now show if the interest is there.

Thanks for all your support, and as always, keep orc rock alive!RIP


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