“Goblin Death March” Music Video is Live!

I’m so excited to finally bring you the Goblin Death March music video! The animation was done by Brieana (see link below), the same person who has done all of my artwork for everything ORCumentary related (except my demo album)!

The video is really fun, it plays out like an SNES RPG. Enjoy!


New Interview!

Greetings! Alternative Control interviewed me a few days ago. The full interview can be read below. http://www.alternativecontrolct.com/music/the-bair-truth-orcumentary-on-killing-goblins-defying-record-labels-and-re-reading-everything/ Here are a couple excerpts: Alternative Control: You are Orc Adams, the sole soldier in the army ORCumentary. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. Orc Adams: Greetings, foul human! AC: What I want to get into is the